Past Events

AHMB Post-Graduation Panel

WHEN: March 12th, 2015

Not sure what to do after life as an undergraduate? Come learn about MD/PhD, Master's, and industry options for when graduate from Rutgers University. A Kaplan representative will be here to answer any questions about standardized testing questions you might have.

BME Battle of the Classes

WHEN: Friday in mid-April (started spring 2012)
WHERE: BME "lawn"

On Friday, April 13th, AEMB held the First Annual Battle of the Classes! BME students came out and supported their classes in an epic battle of strength, agility, and knowledge in games including 3-legged race, twinkie eating contest, trivia, and much more! We also grilled all afternoon, to provide some free fuel before the games.


  1. Sophomores
  2. Juniors
  3. Seniors
  4. Graduate Students and Professors

Games (2012)

  1. Trivia
  2. 3 legged race
  3. Twinkie Eating
  4. Ping Pong Race
  5. Tug-o-war

BME Resume / Personal Statement Writing Workshop

WHEN: spring 2012
WHERE: BME Building

For the first time ever, AEMB made it possible for BME students to get resumes critiqued through a BME geared Resume/CV Workshop! We had BME graduate students, professors, and an RU Career Center representative there to help give tips on how to get jobs and internships in the research field. Food and refreshments were also served.

BME "Office Hours"/Tutoring

WHEN: 1 hour/week; different each semester
WHERE: BME First Floor Study Lounge

For one hour each week, AEMB provides tutoring for current BME courses as well as advice on research opportunities and summer internships. Any undergraduates are encouraged to come by for help with courses, advice, or even just to hang out with fellow BMEs.

BME Shadow Day

WHEN: Each spring semester
WHERE: BME building

BMES and AEMB host Shadow Day during one morning (usually early April) each spring semester. Shadow Day is a unique opportunity for interested undergraduates to meet professors and graduate students in the BME department and find out about their daily activities/responsibilities. Students are able to tour BME labs and see first hand what the day to day work is like. This is an especially beneficial event for freshmen and sophomores interested in joining Honors Academy junior year.

NYC Bodies Exhibit Trip

WHEN: Each fall semester
WHERE: Bodies Exhibit - NYC

BMES and AEMB host a free trip to the Bodies Exhibit in NYC each fall semester. Tickets are first opened to BME students, and then to all Rutgers engineers. This is a great opportunity to learn about the human body in an interesting and fun environment that cannot be experienced anywhere else. It's also great to bond with your fellow engineering peers!

Engineering NERD Olympics

WHEN: Spring 2012
WHERE: Busch Campus Center

The NERD Olympics, a part of Engineering Week run by EGC, is an event where students all across Rutgers University (and visitors!) can participate in various engineering activities, win prizes, and view some performances done by Rutgers students. During the spring of 2012, AEMB ran a roller coaster building competition using flexible piping, boxes, tape, wooden dowels. The goal was to construct a roller coaster with the largest diameter loop that enables a marble to successfully complete the journey.