Student-Faculty Meeting Followup

Thanks to everyone who gave their questions, concerns, and comments for discussion in our latest AEMB student-faculty meeting. We've distributed our meeting minutes via the Biomedical Engineering email list. We'll be holding an in-person followup debrief to discuss these points in greater detail, for those of you who are interested. In addition, we will be taking additional input from the general body, so feel free to come in with thoughts to share.

If you're an inductee, this will be the last event prior to induction. If you have not attended the AEMB General Body Meeting or Post-Graduation Panel, you must make this event to be inducted!!

International Update

Alpha Eta Mu Beta has recently opened a chapter in Canada. Now, AEMB is the international biomedical engineering honors society. If you're interested in more news, you can check for the official AEMB website at The current newsletter can be found here.

In more local news, we'll be hosting a Post-Graduation Panel on November 3 at 5 pm. We'll have a Kaplan test preparation representative, one of our own professors talk about grad school admissions, a recent RU BME graduate now working in industry, another recent RU BME graduate in med school, and a current Masters student in attendance. If you're interested in knowing what lies beyond undergraduate and how to best prepare, come out and join us in BME 116. Free pizza will be there.

If you're a potential inductee, you must make at least one AEMB event prior to induction to qualify for membership. Our general body meeting counted towards this requirement and the upcoming Post-Graduation Panel will also. We'll only have one more event after the Post-Graduation Panel to fulfill the requirement, so plan accordingly.

General Body Meeting

If you're reading this webpage, you probably are interested in what Alpha Eta Mu Beta is and what we do. Come by BME 128 tomorrow at 5 pm for our general body meeting, where we'll be discussing eboard positions, the upcoming student-faculty meeting, and future events.

If you're an inductee, this is a perfect chance to fulfill the pre-induction AHMB event participation requirement. If you can't come, we'll have 2 more events to fulfill this requirement.

AEMB Post-Graduation Notes

Thanks to everyone who came out to the AHMB Post-Graduation Panel. We had a great time talking to our Kaplan, MD/PhD, Master's, and Industry representatives. Just in case you couldn't make the panel due to class, clubs, etc., we've typed up some important notes from the meeting into a Google Drive Doc

Congratulations Members of 2016

A long overdue update of members and officers has been completed. Congratulations to everyone inducted into the Rugters Alpha Eta Mu Beta Class of 2016 roster! The new E-board officers are:

President- Melanie Parikh
Vice President- Khushbu Patel
National Representative- Tyler Hoffman
Treasurer- Nikhil Agarwal
Secretary- Alicia Lee
EGC Representatives- Neha Bhat and Ushma Majmudar
Webmaster- Jeffrey Luo

Senior Design Project Fair

The list for senior design projects was emailed to us recently. A project fair is being held on Wednesday April 9th, 2014 at 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM in the BME atrium. This is a great opportunity to discuss available projects with faculty or representatives from the faculty's lab. Come check it out!

BME Panel

AHMB/BMES invites anyone interested to attend the BME Panel that will be held this Monday, March 31st at 5PM in the BME building, room 116. The Panel members will be as follows:

1) Dr. Prabhas Moghe: A BME professor at Rutgers
His bio can be found at

2) Nasir Uddin: An industry professional
Current Roles:
BD Medical Systems, Customer Quality Manager
Director of Commercial Development, Nian Crae
Access TeleMed, Founder and CEO
Em[POWER] Energy Group, Co-Founder and Vice President
Youth Achievers' Committee, Trustee Member
Florida Polytechnic University, Industry Advisor
- 6 years of experience within the medical device industry, start-up sector, and management of teams as much as 2 in industry to 4 in research to 100 in not-for-profit sectors.
- passionate about making sustainable changes to emerging market through technology.
- graduated with a joint degree in Business Administration with focus on entrepreneurship and Biomedical Engineering through Rutgers Master in Business and Science Program.

3) Rashesh Shah: A former Rutgers BME student who is now a medical student

So come prepared with any questions that you may have about BME and what you can do once you graduate.

And as always, there will be food and dessert!

We hope to see you there!

Events Coming Soon!

Alpha Eta Mu Beta is preparing some great events this semester! Come back soon to view information and dates for these events!

BME Senior Design Conference

Yesterday was the Twelfth Annual Rutgers Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Conference where seniors presented the projects they have spent a full year working on. Everyone did a great job with their presentations, and a few AEMB members even won the presentation competition!

Above is a picture of some AEMB members after the conference. AEMB wishes luck to all of the graduating seniors on their future endeavors!

Past Events

Check out our new past events page with pictures and information on events that we've held throughout the semesters!



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