Selection Process


During the beginning of Fall semester, the top 15% of each Junior class and 20% of each senior class (those that are not already a member) will be invited to participate in AEMB activities for the current semester. In addition, any eligible person (see constitution) may be invited by the Executive Board to also be a candidate for membership. During the course of the semester, invited members will be required to complete 2 service hours (either by attending or assist in running AEMB events) to be considered for full membership. Those who have completed the requirements will be invited to a formal induction banquet toward the end of the semester. A lifetime membership fee of $37 is also required.

Requirements for Full Membership:

  • Attend 2 AEMB events
  • Pay a lifetime membership fee of $70
  • Attend induction banquet

Member Benefits

Becoming a member of the Rutgers Chapter of AEMB provides many benefits.

  • Receive a certificate and tassles at graduation
  • Become a part of a community of the top students in biomedical engineering
  • Have the opportunity to have an Industry Mentor, a program for students in engineering honor societies at Rutgers
  • Be a part of an organization that is committed to improving the education and the environment of your major alone




Following the election of members, elections for officers will begin. Each person wanting to hold an officer position will submit their name. All candidates for a given position will stand outside, and each candidate will deliver a 2 minute speech (followed by questions) to all members stating why he / she wants the position, and why he / she would be the best person for that position.  Once all candidates have spoken, a secret ballot of all non-candidate members will decide the officer, in which the officer with the most votes wins.

The positions will be filled in the following order: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, EGC Rep, Webmaster, National Rep.  If a candidate does not win in the election for a given position, he / she may apply for another position.